Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power Behind the Scenes

I have always loved our church. When I say loved, I mean thought of these people as my family. One of my favorite things about our church is how intentionally they are at challenging and equipping the men to be leaders and to step up to guide people to the Lord. I love that. It makes such a difference. Through Mom's illness, I have seen a side of our church that I knew was there but, never had really seen it in action. As a young girl and through my growing up, I watched the "older" women serve one another with meals and prayer. I guess I knew that someday I would be "old enough" to serve like that (and I love to). But, I have been amazed and humbled at the women at our church, women of all ages, who are serving behind the scenes. Not only are they taking meals to those who really need it but they are being intentional about seeking people out who need them. They are planting plants, hanging pictures, stocking pantries, taking care of children, cooking meals....the list goes on and on. These women are living lives with their eyes wide open to what the Lord has in store for them. They are not holding back even when they have crazy lives and families of their own. With women living lives like that, who can stop the men that they stand beside????? These men are capable of incredible things partly because God has given them mighty women who bring God to many tables. To these women and the many others (who don't attend our church) who are living their lives with eyes wide open, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to be one of those women who does not miss an opportunity to serve or to bless others with the love of the LORD! Your servanthood is making a difference. More than you will ever know. To the men who stand with these mighty servants, nothing can stand in your way of leading us to the Lord. As women, we will provide you with power behind the scenes. Thank you for pointing our eyes in the right direction.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Update...

Mom is feeling pretty good right now. The tiredness is starting to set in along with a few other effects from Chemo Round 1 but, for the most part she is doing really well.
She has her port surgery tomorrow morning and Chemo Round 2 on Thursday.
Thank you for your continued prayers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

No New Information Yet...

Just to keep you all informed...Mom has a Dr. apt. tomorrow mid morning. We hope to find out quite a bit of information at that apt. Many of you have asked how she is doing, and quite frankly, that is a question with many answers. I will try to sum it all up with this...
Spiritually-Mom is rock solid. We have no doubt who reigns over every step of this journey.
Emotionally-To be honest, it depends on the moment at hand but when we fall emotionally our spiritual strength carries us through. Mom is doing really, really well.
Physically-She has begun to cough again some, but otherwise she feels pretty good. Cancer stinks!
More information will come tomorrow once we have a chance to wrap our brains around it.
Thank you for your love and concern for our family. Most of all, though, we are leaning on your prayers.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Kiss to Remember

To be honest, it has been an emotional day for me but, something happened that I want to write down so I don't ever forget it (not that I even think that would happen.)
Today Mom (Sweets) and Dad (Ha Ha) came over to play with the boys for a little while. Needless to say, the boys were in heaven! Cason was so excited to play wii with Ha Ha he couldn't stand it. Braden grabs a remote and thinks he plays too. So, Ha Ha and Sweets parked themselves on the couch and Cason and Braden followed right behind. Cason sat between them and Braden found his perfect spot right in Sweets' lap. Ha Ha gave Cason a run for his money and Sweets and Braden sat fixated on the game at hand. I stood in the kitchen looking on and caught a glimpse of one of the sweetest moments I think I will ever see...
Braden turned around, propped himself up, and gave his Sweets a kiss. He then sat back down and resumed his interest in the game. Mom teared up on the spot and I was not far behind. My boys adore their Sweets and Ha Ha and they are not afraid to show it. Braden's actions were real and unprompted. I will cherish that kiss forever...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pick Up the Phone!!!

Today was such a blessed day. I got to spend the day with Mom. We had such a treasured time. We laughed and cried and then laughed some more. We, as a family, have always believed in saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said. Today was no different. This was the first time I have actually seen her since we found out that her cancer is back. It was so needed to just see her and be with her. I'm sure, in some families, this would be just a sad time where everyone cries and stays down. Not in our family...we have way too many reasons to keep rejoicing even when the tears come. I won't share too much of what we said to each other but we left no stone unturned.
On day one, we were in shock! We grieved the news and mourned deeply.
Day two, we were more hopeful about treatment and maintenance of the cancer.
Here we are in day three and I am somewhere in the middle. Reality is starting to set in and my emotions come in waves. Today is about accepting what is before us (while knowing God could change it at any moment) and dealing with what we know.
I write all this to encourage anyone who is reading this to not wait. Pick up the phone and say what needs to be said. We are not sure of tomorrow. Make sure the people you love know you love them today. I have no question about the love Mom has for me and visa versa. Life is too short. Don't wait for Valentine's Day (there you go Kenneth), make sure your loved ones know where they stand with you now.
I pray that as my children grow up, they never have to question for a single moment my love for them or that they never have to wander if I am proud of them or the job they are doing. I have been fortunate to have a mom that has never left me wandering or questioning. Her legacy will live on in that way and hopefully many, many others. I love you, Mom and always will!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Back...

Well...I think it is time I return to blogging. We Mom got sick two years ago, blogging was more than just fun for me. It was an outlet and a way to connect with people that I would not otherwise have had. Now that her cancer has returned and our lives are going down a path we had hoped to never see, I think writing and keeping others in touch is part of my role in all of this. Because there is so much to cover, since the last time I wrote, I am going to just start with today and write like I have never left.
Mom had her procedure today to remove the fluid from her lung. It was obviously covered in prayer because it went better than expected. God is so good to grant us those little gifts in the midst of a storm. Dad was with her, which was perfect. She is taking the rest of today to rest and regain her lung function.
Taylor and I have stayed on the phone with each other often over the last few days and I am sure for the many days to come. She is such a blessing to me always but especially in times like these. Our needs are so similar during hard times and she provides strength for me. Many of you are praying for her while she is away and I ask that you continue that. She is with Tyrel, which is the best place for her to be but, being away from here is hard too. She will come here when the time is right.
I have been nothing more than amazed and awe stricken at how God has answered the prayers many of you prayed that my children would allow me to grieve and concentrate on what was at hand. That was more than answered by God. Cason and Braden, I'm sure, can sense something going on and they have been more than wonderful (which is not always easy to say with two boys).
Freeby has been my rock. I am so thankful to have him by my side. Please continue prayers for him too as he stands beside me through all of this. His role is a difficult one that is ever changing due to an emotional wife and changing circumstances.
I am rambling and realize it but I want to end with this...My parents have always been "the perfect couple". I say that not to brag but because I stand in awe at how wonderful they are for each other. I am so proud of the way my dad is and has always cared for my mom. I am proud of the way my mother has always stood beside my dad with more respect and adoration than you can even put into words. God is blessing them through all of this but they have never taken their eyes off of Him and because of that I am full of joy even in a time of utter sadness.
Thank you for your love and support.
(I will get used to writing again and not ramble so much...sorry.)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I do exist...

I am overwhelmed with trying to start this up again. I have been absent for so long. But, I am contemplating blogging again. There may be more to come...